Article IX Section 4: Standard Uniform. 

The uniform of the association is:

Navy blue fitted cap; optional white lettering of the chapter’s initials or the NYSBUA Logo may be worn on the hat. If worn, letters must be a maximum of two (2) inch high white letters or the NYSBUA logo. If a chapter approves a logo, each member must wear one. The State Secretary must be notified if a chapter adopts a logo.

Navy blue short sleeve
1. Cliff Keen (#U126) 100% Nylon Micro Mesh or
2. Anaconda (model SS124) or
3. Smitty (BB-S300 NY navy short sleeve) with state logo embroidered directly on the middle of pocket.

Light blue short sleeve
1. Cliff Keen (#U129) or
2. Smitty (BB-S300 PBR powder with red/white/navy trim) or

Red short sleeve
1. Cliff Keen (#U126) or
2. Smitty BB-S300 RD) with navy/white

Navy long sleeve
1. Cliff Keen 100% Nylon Mesh navy blue long sleeved shirt or
2. Smitty (BB-S301 NY long-sleeve navy) with embroidered NYSBUA patch may be worn.

Both umpires must wear the same color shirt. The wearing of the emblem is mandatory. The pocket may be a regular pocket (sewn on three sides, open top) or an open top pocket with a separate section for a pencil or pen.
BEWARE: Cliff Keen shirts must be NON Dri-Fit model. This Dri-Fit model may have the same model number as the nylon micro mesh.

UNDERSHIRT: A long sleeve navy blue or red turtleneck shirt may be worn under a jacket but may not be worn under a short sleeved shirt without a jacket.  Any visible undergarment must be navy blue or red. Both officials must wear the same colored undergarment.

JACKET: A navy blue nylon (flat back) or pullover jacket with zippered turtleneck collar, waistband and cuffs are navy blue knit with navy/red/white trim, embroidered patch, no pockets.  The manufacturer will be Anaconda Kay Sports, Inc. Optional black or navy blue plate coat specifically designed for baseball may be worn behind the plate only. State patch must be embroidered on the left breast of coat.

BELT: black belt

TROUSERS: Heather gray trousers with or without pleats (expandable waist is acceptable)
1. Fechheimer Brother Company: Flying Cross Brand (#68230) Plate or base
2. Cliff Keen: Plate, combo or base, with or without pleats.
3. Smitty : BB-S370 (base pants); BB-S371 (combo pants); BB-S372 (plate pants)

SHOES: Black shoes or commercially made shoes predominately black in color with Logo and/or Trademarks of white only allowed; black socks;

Equipment must be black or navy blue with the exception of the chest protector which may be any color. Inside chest protector and shin guards must be worn under the uniform.

MASK: black or blue mask (straps and padding to be black, navy blue or tan/natural). Hockey style mask may be worn and must be navy blue or black.

BALL BAG: navy blue or gray ball bag

The official N.Y.S.B.U.A. emblem shall be embroidered (with the top of the patch centered) on the left breast of the shirt, and jacket. Wearing of the emblem is mandatory. Members found not wearing the proper uniform will be fined as described in Appendix A to Article IX, payable to the Chapter Treasurer.


Article V – Uniforms & Emblem

A. All members of NYSSOO shall wear the approved uniform of this organization. Failure to do so shall result in appropriate disciplinary action.

1. The official uniform shall consist of heather gray pants (adopted 2012), powder blue pullover shirt w/navy and white trim & no logo/emblem (adopted 02/04/2001), plain navy blue or heather gray ball bag (adopted 2/2012), plain navy blue plate & base cap (sized), black (all) shoes, navy blue socks, and black belt (non-ornate buckle). The official jacket shall be navy blue w/white, navy & powder blue shoulder inserts (stirrups) – w/no logo or emblem. (2/2014)

2. Local Chapters have the option of determining an alternate uniform for regular season games, provided all umpires on the game match [Official “state” uniform is “default” uniform]. (adopted 02/04/2001)

3. The umpires attending the NYSSO State School can wear either navy blue pants or heather gray pants. (2/2012) The current official jacket or the former logo jacket are both acceptable at the School. (2/2014)